About Us

Founded in 2009 alongside Pirate Parties across Europe, we are a radical centrist political party which is fighting for a political system fit for the 21st Century. We support digital rights, believe in personal freedoms and seek to hold government to account. We are a party which is passionate about technology - and believe that it should be used to benefit everyone. Whereas other parties appear to be afraid of the future - we embrace it.

In our modern online world; if you stand up for copyright reform - you get called a Pirate. If you stand up for an end to drug patents - you get called a Pirate. If you stand up for open access to knowledge for all on the Internet - you get called a Pirate.

That’s why we’re proud to be standing for election as Pirates. Are you a Pirate too? In which case why not come aboard and help us build a better society for all.