Pirate Party UK to Close Down

07. 10. 2020
Pirate Party UK to Close Down
Pirate Party UK to Close Down

Dear Party members,

Thank you to everyone who voted in the recent ballot.

The Question

The question asked was “Should the party be dissolved?”


45 valid ballots were cast.
They were recorded as:

Yes 33
No 9
Abstain 3

This gives 73% of the votes cast in favour of closing the party down.

Next Steps

The NEC will, in co-ordination with the Board, start working out the dissolution of the Party and disposal of assets. Further information will be shared on this site and on our Discord Server. This result will also be sent out in communications to our members.

Harley Faggetter (Party Leader)
Adrian Farrel (Chair of the Board of Governors)

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