NEC Elections - Offical Announcement

17. 11. 2019
NEC Elections - Offical Announcement
NEC Elections - Offical Announcement

Every two years, as set out in our constitution we have elections for the National Executive Committee (NEC), the team that guides the day-to-day management of PPUK.

That time has come around, and we’ll be holding elections according to the following timetable:
Monday 18th November 2019 : Nominations open
Monday 2nd December 2019 : Nominations close
Tuesday 3rd December 2019 : Hustings start in #internal_elections channel in Discord
Tuesday 3rd December 2019 : 7pm hustings voice chat in #General voice channel in Discord
Monday 9th December 2019 : Voting opens
Monday 23rd December 2019 : Voting closes
Wednesday 25th December : Results announced

According to the constitution “The NEC shall be comprised of the Leader, Deputy Leader and at least three other elected officers.” We are looking to fill the following positions:

  • Leader
  • Deputy leader / spokesperson
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Nominations officer

Nominations must be proposed and seconded by current, paid-up party members. It is acceptable to self-nominate.

Please send nominations by email to the Board of Governors of PPUK at [email protected] Each nomination must include:

  • Full name and email address of candidate
  • Position for which candidate is nominated
  • Full name and email address of proposer
  • Full name and email address of seconder
  • A short personal statement by the candidate
  • A head and shoulders photo of the candidate

This information will be published on the this page on the PPUK web site.

Hoping you will all be inspired to put yourselves forward to contribute to the next steps in the development of the Pirate movement in the UK.

If you have any question about the process or the NEC roles, please get in touch by email.

Adrian Farrel Chair of the Board of Governors, PPUK

About the Pirate Party

The Pirate Party in the UK is a fledgling political party. It has fielded a few candidates in European and National elections, but like most small parties it is significantly constrained by the UK electoral system. Despite this, the Pirate Party has started to poll alongside major parties and is looking to build support from the grassroots. The party stood 10 candidates in the June 2017 General Election and briefly held 2 community councillors. Find out more about the UK Pirate Party on our website or contact [email protected]

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