Elections for Treasurer and Nominating Officer

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Fellow Pirates, we are moving immediately to the first genuine internal elections for the party’s officers.  This follows the successful completion of the vote to ratify appointments to second-tier positions of responsibility (more on that below).  The vacant officer positions are Treasurer and Nominating Officer.  For the role of Treasurer, we have one nominee: Peter Liddell.  For Nominating Officer, there are two nominees: John Barron and Jeremy Morton.  As well as voting for the nominees, members also have the option to call for the reopening of nominations, or to abstain.  If any of the candidates gets a simple majority, they will be appointed.  If reopening of nominations gets the most votes in either election, there will be a fresh call for nominees and a re-run of that election.  Abstentions do not influence the result, but give members the opportunity to register their participation without expressing a preference.



Building a strong political party

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When we sent off our party registration form to the Electoral Commission less than a dozen weeks ago, we were all absolute beginners at running a political party. We elected 4 officers, because there were 4 officer jobs to be filled in on that form. We've come a very, very long way in a few short weeks, with more media coverage than we could have hoped for, and as officers, we've learned a lot about how a political party works. We've had our share of teething troubles, as you might expect from any group of volunteers, but we've learned a lot of lessons too, and we now have a much clearer picture of how much interest there is in the Pirate Party UK, and what needs to be done to turn this large group of  interested people into a fully functioning political party capable of contesting major elections ... and that's what I'm blogging about today.



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Current Internal Elections

We are not currently running any internal elections but to see what positions are open for nominations, check here.