Welcome to 2014

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Welcome to 2014!

Last Thursday saw the first NEC meeting of the new year.  As you might expect, we slowed down and recharged a little over the festive period, but for both the NEC and the party there was still plenty going on!

Between press, the paperwork involved in a change of staff and writing content for our party blog we have been hard at work migrating content over to our new website, which has been months in the making.  Our branches have maintained their activity, with meet-ups and activity over the period, as well as getting involved in concrete action in their local areas.

New NEC ready to take PPUK to next level

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Welcome to the new National Executive Committee!

Yesterday saw the first meeting of the newly elected NEC#p.1" title="[1]">1, as well as the last of the calendar year.

2014/15 are going to be interesting years for the party.  In the four years since we were registered, the party has come a long way; we have professionalised and we have gone from strength to strength.

In welcoming the new members of the NEC, Loz was quite clear that we can seize this new mandate to solidify and build upon the hard work of all officers and volunteers who have worked so hard to get us where we are today.

New Pirate Leadership Team Takes Aim for 2014

Monday, 16 December, 2013 - 14:45

The Pirate Party UK is pleased to announced the results of its leadership election and a fresh team to blaze new ground in 2014 and beyond. There is a healthy mix of old and new faces, with some of those new faces already having worked hard within the Party in other roles for some time.

Party: Long live the Finance Officer.

On Tuesday Shaun Daley, our Party Treasurer may of this year resigned his position and (as he put it) is "about to run away " to Romania. Given the deadlines that the party must meet to satisfy Her Majesties Revenue and Customs, Sam Clarke, Governor and now former member of the party's Treasury Oversight Committee will be stepping in to the breach and taking responsibility for treasury as the party's Financial Officer until internal elections in October.

BPI Threatens Legal Action Against Pirate Party Executive

Friday, 14 December, 2012 - 17:45

The Pirate Party UK can confirm that 6 members of the party have received letters from a solicitors firm acting on behalf of the BPI threatening legal action. Leader Loz Kaye has been singled out, along with the 4 other members of the National Executive and the party's head of IT.

Pirate Party Leader Loz Kaye said:

Opening statement - Annual NEC meeting

Thursday, 21 June, 2012 - 12:00

Loz Kaye speaking at the second annual physical Pirate Party UK National Executive meeting, which set out the parties priorities for the coming months, gave the following opening address:


"It's a year since we last did this, or just over. I know that it was a very significant meeting last year, it set the tone for a lot of what has happened since and I think that being here, in this room, is symbolic of a lot of that."

A Message from the PPUK Leader

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We've been through a period of change here at Pirate Party UK, and I am pleased to say we have a great new team for the challenges ahead. In the National Executive Committee, Gavin Meredith has taken over as Treasurer, and congratulations to our new Campaigns Officer Andy Halsall. We also have a new web team leader in Ed Geraghty. I think we have the right people in place to help us take the party to the next level,  I want to make sure that we make the most of the fresh ideas and new direction this change in personalities will give the party.  It is an opportunity for progress that we must grasp with both hands.

Three Pirate Rule

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At the PPUK conference yesterday, Rick Falkvinge explained PPSE's "Three Pirate Rule". In the finest Pirate tradition, we're copying it.

According to the Three Pirate Rule, if three party members agree that an idea is a good one, they don't need any further "permission" to get on and make it happen as an "official" PPUK activity.

There are only three exceptions to the Three Pirate Rule:

  1. Don't do anything illegal.

  2. You can't allocate party funds (although you can ask for them).

  3. You can't do anything in Northern Ireland, due to current law. If you're interested in doing stuff in Northern Ireland, please contact the NEC for more info.

The NEC receives a lot of requests from members to grant some sort of Official Stamp of Officialness to various initiatives. Hopefully, adopting this rule will make it unnecessary for people to make this sort of request.

Internal Party Elections

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As promised in the forums, we are holding elections for the party's officer roles this month.


While the officers were originally elected to serve a 2 year term, we all agreed that it would be good for the party for there to be be an opportunity to change direction if needed between the party's formation and the first election it takes part in. It is also good for us to have officers that are elected democratically by paid up party members, as opposed to the current situation where 2 of the 5 officers were elected by members of the forum before the party was officially registered, some of whom may now not be party members.




New Treasurer and Nominating Officer

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Congratulations to Peter Liddell and John Barron who were elected to be the new Party Treasurer and Nominating Officer respectively.  The detailed numbers on the votes cast can be seen at and

  Due to a glitch the polls closed earlier than planned.  However, I'm minded to call the results as they stood when the polls closed because both candidates won by comfortable margins.  


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