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Think Different, standing up for Sheffield.

It's General Election time and I'm looking forward to representing the Party and our ideas in Sheffield as the Party's PPC in Sheffield Central.

Five years ago when I helped Tim Dobson with his campaign in Manchester Gorton, I wasn't entirely sure he wasn't mad putting himself on the line for the Pirate Party. But I helped out and we learned a lot. I realised he was doing absolutely the right thing, providing a solution to the problems he wanted to solve.

Pirate Party asks residents to crowd-source policies with candidate standing in Vauxhall ward for the General Election

The Pirate Party is taking open democracy to another level by asking residents to help crowd-source policies that will make up the party manifesto for the 2015 General Election. Mark Chapman is standing for the Pirates in the Vauxhall ward.

Chapman told Brixton Buzz:

“We are proud to be the only Party that crowd-sources its manifesto – letting anyone suggest ideas and comment on suggestions that others have made. It brings in an element of grass-roots democracy that is lacking elsewhere and enables everyone to take part.”

The Pirate Party is a relatively new organisation in British politics. Despite the rather silly name, the core beliefs of the party are civil rights, direct democracy and participation in government.

Thursday, 5 March, 2015 - 09:15

The Pirate Partys' crowd sourced manifesto 2015

The Pirate Partys' crowd sourced manifesto 2015

We would like to Thank @PiratePartyUK For taking up our offer of 
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The above link has the details of how to advertise your party or campaign If you would like us to do this for you then mail us at .

You are only NOT accepted if...1) Your party did appear on the list of parties getting millions pounds of donations last year2) You hate/dislike other people for where they happen to come from or how they happen to be.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Source >>> Pirate Party Policy Process 2015 

We've been proud to run on British politics' first crowd sourced manifesto. And of course it's time to update and upgrade.  This process will run until the 21st of March online and offline and will allow the party to make sure our positions are up to date, and up to scratch for the General Election. To get it right, we need your help:You can tell us about your ideas, and discuss it publicly on or join the discussion on reddit


Wednesday, 4 March, 2015 - 09:45

Pirate Party Celebrates Election Result

Friday, 7 May, 2010 - 20:30

The Pirate Party UK has been relatively successful in contesting its first election since being founded 10 months ago. The nine Pirate candidates achieved up to a 0.6% share of the vote in their respective constituencies. Tim Dobson, campaigning in Manchester Gorton, had the best result, receiving 236 votes. If the party were able to stand in every constituency, the result would have scaled up to nearly 100,000 votes for the Pirate Party.

Pirate Party Announces Nine Candidates Officially Nominated for the General Election

Tuesday, 27 April, 2010 - 22:30

The Pirate Party UK is pleased to announce that nine candidates have now been officially nominated for the General Election on 6th May. These candidates have been selected by the members - and ratified by the Party - to represent it in its first election campaign, to promote the policies and ideals of the party, and to help raise the concerns of citizens worried about their digital rights. The candidates selected cover a broad swath of constituencies across England and Scotland.

Pirate Party UK Announces Parliamentary Candidates

Tuesday, 30 March, 2010 - 19:15

The Pirate Party UK is pleased to announce its line-up of parliamentary candidates for this year's General Election. The party intends to put forward a total of ten candidates across England and Scotland. Andrew Robinson, the party leader, said, "We have a strong team, who want to stand up for your rights, for your freedoms, for your interests, but we desperately need to raise funds. This is the only chance we will have in the next few years to get our voices heard. Help us get these candidates on to the ballot papers."
The ratified PPCs are:

Pirate Party UK announces General Election Manifesto

Monday, 22 March, 2010 - 21:00

Today, the Pirate Party UK is pleased to announce its 2010 General Election Manifesto.


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