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Pirate Party Candidate for Bridgend!... Me!

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Hello Wales and hello Bridgend! My name is David; your newest PPC and together we can put a Pirate in Parliament!

Digital Freedoms

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Recently a piece I wrote featured in the Daily Wales. More call for home governance for Wales is growing each day. This is what I had to say regarding digital freedoms:

Welsh Governance

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Standing for Governor

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Hello everyone

I plan to stand as a Pirate Party Governor.

Here is a little about me and what I believe will be useful to the party...

Even before I was old enough to vote, I have been politically active. I have been a student representative in college and a committee member of a society in University as well as having different team representative roles in the range jobs I've had in my life so far. Being a conduit for the concerns and suggestions of those I represent while anticipating future problems is nothing new to me! I have a feast of varying qualifications, in Computing, Team Leading/Management, Psychology and... well, a bunch of other things but perhaps more importantly I'm now a successful self-employed Landlord, with plenty of free time for the Pirate Party.

Pirate Spokesperson for Wales

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Hello fellow Pirates

I wish to express my intention to stand for the Pirate Party Wales Spokesperson, speaking on behalf of the Pirates based in Wales.

I will most certainly follow up this blog with further information - but if you have any questions, fears, worries, objections or concerns, please get in touch!

(Blessings are also welcome!)

Thank you


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