Pirate Party UK Announces Parliamentary Candidates

Tuesday, 30 March, 2010 - 19:15

The Pirate Party UK is pleased to announce its line-up of parliamentary candidates for this year's General Election. The party intends to put forward a total of ten candidates across England and Scotland. Andrew Robinson, the party leader, said, "We have a strong team, who want to stand up for your rights, for your freedoms, for your interests, but we desperately need to raise funds. This is the only chance we will have in the next few years to get our voices heard. Help us get these candidates on to the ballot papers."
The ratified PPCs are:

Candidates 2010 - Last Call

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After the first candidate ratification votes (you can expect news about that, the manifesto, and other votes, very soon!) we are moving on with all speed to bring forward the next tranche of potential candidates for review and endorsement by the party.

This has to happen soon, and because of the timescales we face till the next general election, this will almost certainly be the final call for general election candidates to present themselves.


Candidates 2010

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I've written on the forum a little while ago, outlining the selection process I envisage introducing, partly to help me work that out, and partly to give the chance for member feedback. Now I'm in a position to announce that we will be putting the first potential candidates forward for ratification by the party membership, after which they will be declared as prospective parliamentary candidates for PPUK.

We really need to do that, and it is a big step towards being taken seriously as a political party, when the media see that we will be standing candidates. Therefore we will be asking for a ratification vote from you the party members, as each credible candidate comes forward and establishes that they understand what's involved and are prepared to undertake it, and have identified the seat which they wish to fight on behalf of the Pirate Party.


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