PPUK Governors - proposed election method

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The internal election for the Board of Governors will soon be coming up.

This is a little different to internal elections we have held so far, because there are 12 positions to be filled, and which do not have separate responsibilities until the elected Board choose to assign roles from within those elected. Also, we have already had more candidates nominated than there are positions available, so this will be a contested election and not all hopeful candidates will be successful.

Single transferable vote

Since there are many positions to be filled at once, it's been proposed that we implement some form of single transferable vote for this election. This at once both makes some sense and gives us some challenges, to make this possible.


Internal elections: nominations open

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Nominations are now open for the roles of Regional Administrative Officers (RAOs), the National Executive Committee post of Campaigns Officer, and for members of the new Board of Governors.

RAOs are responsible for organising member activity, and approving candidates within their region, and supporting the campaign efforts. Full details...


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Current Internal Elections

We are not currently running any internal elections but to see what positions are open for nominations, check here.