Jason Halsey


Having followed politics closely as an observer for longer than Jason wishes to admit to, he recently decided that in order to actually effect the changes to the system he desperately wanted for his children, he should get more directly involved. Married for 20 years and a father to two children he strives to bring about a future that is beneficial for the next generation as a whole rather than just a select few in the right place at the right time. Jason comes from a very scientific background, throughout his working life he has worked with technical products and services and has a rigid belief that evidence should lead all policy decisions, which most main political parties however do not share. Topics such as a Universal Basic Income, Proportional Representation, Copyright reforms, Civil liberties and digital privacy are very close to his heart. With these keen interests all falling within the core policies of the Pirate party, he quickly became a member upon discovery in 2015. Outside of politics, Jason is a keen computer gamer and music appreciator. With his listening selection very varied from dubstep and drum and bass to heavy metal and pop!


Party Deputy Secretary
Spokesperson for Work & Pensions
Electoral Reform Spokesperson

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